Date Presenter Topic
Monday 24 November, 12.30pm, room 41.202 Dr. Ahmad Rabiee, Cow Signals Australia Application of meta-analysis and systematic reviews in veterinary science
Friday 14 November, 1.30pm, room 8.G25 Associate Professor Robert Clark, National Institute for Applied Statistics Research Australia (NIASRA), School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics, University of Wollongong Sampling the Maori Population In New Zealand Using Imprecise Design Data
Thursday 6 November, 2.30pm, room 15.206 Assistant Professor Edward Cripps, School of Mathematics and Statistics University of Western Australia Flexible Clustering of Longitudinal Trajectories with Applications in Psychology
Wednesday 5 November, 2.30pm, room 15.206 Professor Bimal Sinha, Board of Regents Professor of the University System of Maryland Research Mathematical Statistician, US Census Bureau Some Aspects of Data Analysis under Confidentiality Protection
Thursday 23 October, 1.30pm, room 3.123 Nicholas I. Fisher, University of Sydney and ValuMetrics Australia Measuring Research Quality: Approaches and Issues
Monday 13 October, 2.30pm, room 4.G31 Professor Pierre Del Moral, School of Mathematics and Statistics, The University of New South Wales Stochastic particle methods in Bayesian statistical learning
Thursday 9 October, 1.30pm, room 3.123 Dr. Andrew Zammit Mangion, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Environmental Informatics, National Institute for Applied Statistics Research Australia (NIASRA), University of Wollongong Sparse linear algebraic methods and MPI with spatio-temporal models
Friday 3 October, 1.30pm, room 6.210 (SMART) Dr. Grace Chiu Senior Research Scientist Digital Productivity Flagship CSIRO Assessment and prediction of ecosystem health as model parameters at multiple spatial scales across Australia's Murray-Darling Basin
Thursday 18 September, 1.30pm, room 3.123 Prof. Raymond Chambers, University of Wollongong Survey sampling in official statistics — some thoughts on directions
Thursday 28 August, 1.30pm, room 1.G02 Dr. Justin Rory Wishart, University of New South Wales Data-driven optimal thresholds and resolution selection methods in multichannel wavelet deconvolution with long memory
Thursday 19 June, 1.30pm, room 6.210 (SMART) Dr. Ian Renner, University of Newcastle Advances in Presence-only Methods in Ecology
Thursday 12 June, 1.30pm, room 6.210 (SMART) Associate Professor Anne Porter, Associate Professor Annette Worthy, Doctor Carole Birrell, Miss Bothaina Bukhatwa, University of Wollongong Opportunities for research, teaching and learning in Indonesia
Tuesday 3 June, 1.30pm, room 8.G25 Prof. Chris Wikle, University of Missouri Feature Space Reduction via Dimension Expansion of High-Dimensional Functional Covariates for Prediction
Thursday 29 May, 1.30pm, room 32.G01 (IHMRI) Prof. William T.M. Dunsmuir, University of New South Wales Random Effects Regression in Multiple Independent Discrete Valued Time Series
Thursday 8 May, 1:30pm, room 32.G01 (IHMRI) Dr. Payam Mokhtarian, University of Wollongong On Outlier-Robust Prediction of The Empirical Distribution Function
Thursday 17 April, 1:30pm, room 32.G01 (IHMRI) Dr. Emi Tanaka, University of Wollongong Improving the Utility of Motif Finders
Thursday 10 April, 1:30pm, room 32.G01 (IHMRI) Dr. Pavel N. Krivitsky, University of Wollongong Inference for Exponential-Family Random Graph Models based on Egocentrically-Sampled Data
Thursday 20 March, 1:30pm, room 32.G01 (IHMRI) Dr. John Ormerod, University of Sydney Collapsed Variational Bayes for Model Selection
Thursday 6 March, 1:30pm, room 1.G02 Dr. Mark Berman, CSIRO Sydney Some Statistical Problems in Spectroscopy and Hyperspectral Imaging
Thursday 27 February, 1:30pm, room 6.210 Professor Neville Weber, University of Sydney U-statistics, Trimming and a Robust Measure of Spread based on U-quantiles
Last reviewed: 2 March, 2016

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