Statistics Team

Directors of NIASRA and THE Research Centres

Professor David Steel
Director, NIASRA
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Professor Brian Cullis
Director, Centre for Bioinformatics and Biometrics Research

Distinguished Professor Noel Cressie
Director, Centre for Environmental Informatics
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Professor Ray Chambers
Director, Centre for Sample Survey Methodology
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Associate Professor Marijka Batterham
Director, Statistical Consulting Centre
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Associate Professor Robert Clark
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Associate Professor Yan-Xia Lin
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Associate Professor Anne Porter
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Dr Pam Davy (Senior Lecturer)

Dr Chandra Gulati (Senior Lecturer)

Dr Carole Birrell (Lecturer)
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Dr Thomas Suesse (Senior Lecturer)
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Dr Alison Smith (Principal Research Fellow)

Mr Walter Davis (Senior Research Fellow)

Dr Alexandra (Sandy) Burden (Research Fellow)
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Dr Pavel Krivitsky (Lecturer)
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Emi Tanaka (Research Fellow)
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Dr Andrew Zammit Mangion (Statistical Computing Scientist)
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Dr Bohai Zhang (Research Fellow)

Daniel Tolhurst (Associate Fellow)

Chong You (Research Fellow)

Administrative Support Staff

Anica Damcevski (Administrative Assistant)

Karin Karr (Administrative Assistant)

Mr Clint Shumack (Technical Officer)

Honorary Members

Professor Kenneth Russell (Honorary Professorial Fellow)

Distinguished Professor Matt Wand (Honorary Professorial Fellow)

Dr Bronwyn Harch (Honorary Professorial Fellow)

Professor John Rayner (Honorary Professorial Fellow)

Dr Phil Hughes (Honorary Principal Fellow)

Dr James Chipperfield (Honorary Principal Fellow)

Professor Olivier Thas (Honorary Professorial Fellow)

Dr Mohammad Reza Namazi Rad

Dr Philip Kokic (Honorary Principal Fellow)

Dr Stephen Beare (Honorary Principal Fellow)

Dr David Clifford (Honorary Principal Fellow)

current Research Students

Barr, Margo
Supervisors: David Steel, Carole Birrell

Bukhatwa, Bothaina F A

Das, Sumonkanti
Supervisor: Ray Chambers

Davies, Georgina
Thesis: Statistical Kernel Principal Components Analysis
Supervisor: Noel Cressie

Dawber, James
Thesis: Advancements in M-quantile estimation
Supervisors: Ray Chambers, Thomas Suesse

Drummond, Carson
Thesis: Financial Time Series Analysis and the Hilbert-Huang Transform
Supervisors: Pam Davy, Chandra Gulati

Gaskin, Clive
Supervisor: Brian Cullis

Iwsakul, Sasiwimon
Thesis: The Design of Adaptive Clinical Trials
Supervisors: Ken Russel, Marijka Batterham

Lago, Luise
Thesis: Imputation of Household Survey Data using Mixed Models
Supervisors: Robert Clark, Ray Chambers

Ma, Yue
Supervisor: Yan-Xia Lin

Murphy, Martin
Supervisors: David Steel, Carole Birrell

Nessa, Mossamet
Thesis: Small Area Estimation from Sample Survey
Supervisors: Robert Clark, Carole Birrell

Jones, Keegan

Mazur, Luke
Thesis: Computational Methods for the analysis of big data using linear mixed models
Supervisors: Brian Cullis, Emi Tanaka, Thomas Suesse, David Butler

Al Lawati, Aqeela
Supervisor: Ray Chambers

Romero, Marin
Supervisors: Ray Chambers, Carole Birrell

Adams, Nadine
Supervisors: Anne Porter, Mark Nelson

Kottage, Helani

Supervisors: Carole Birrell, Marijka Batterham


Diane Hindmarsh

Jinda Kongcharoen

Mohammad Reza Namazi Rad

Heni Puspaningrum

Klairung Samart


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Last reviewed: 29 September, 2015
Upcoming Events

StatsWeek 2016 1-5 February 2016

Call for papers: Small Area Estimation 2016 Maastricht, The Netherlands

Past Events

StatsWeek 2015 consisted of three short courses hosted by NIASRA in early February.

NIASRA hosted more than 100 professional and academic researchers during StatsWeek 2014.