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NIASRA Vacancies

NIASRA will advertise vacancies for different positions and roles from time to time. These will be available on the UOW Vacancies page.

Miscellaneous Links

Distinguished Professor Noel Cressie talks about NASA's OCO-2 satellite that is monitoring Earth's CO2.

The American Sociological Association provides their view on why statistics is cool, leading to better public policy and improved human welfare.

Carl Bialik's column (The Numbers Guy) gives his view of why statistics is cool, with a demand for statisticians.

Prof. Ray Chambers talks about his statistical research work with the Australian Rain Technologies.

Ever thought how statistics impacts on your daily life? Here is an interesting video titled 'A Day Without Statistics'.

If you have an interest in baseball statistics, you would be interested in the first episode of Stats and Stories ("Baseball and Statistics") now available on-line.

Last reviewed: 18 July, 2016