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Inaugural seminar SSA Webinar given by Andrew Zammit-Mangion



2019_04_16_Antarctica_prints_small 2019_10_Climate_Change_week_CEI_small Bald head CEI with Peter Diggle small  Book STSwR Launch Celebration, Chris Wikle, Noel Cressie and Andrew Zammit Mangion, Denver 2019 2019 Statistical Science Lecturer Peter Diggle, VC Paul Wellings, and Noel Cressie Introduction of Peter Diggle for SSL Lecture 2019 Abdu Mohammed & Matt Moores, Blue Nile Falls, Ethiopia, 9 February 2019 Mike Betancourt, NIASRA seminar speaker, 20 February 2019 Dan Simpson, NIASRA seminar speaker, 22 July 2019 research in CEI in climate change week 2019  GCC week 2019 rainfall Santal´o lecture, Complutense University Madrid 2019 santalo lecture at Complutense University, Madrid, Spain ACEMS ISIWSC 2019  2019.7.16 International Workshop at Creswick, VIC Noel Cressie talk at ICAPS, Hanoi, Vietnam, April 2019



 Moyal Lecture 2018 Moyal Medal 2018 Australia's science luminaries Australian Academy of Science FAA Award 2018 Science at the Shine Dome, Australian Academy of Science, May 2018   2018 Statistical Science Lecturer Renate Meyer and Noel Cressie  



Al Kindi Lectures at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology  imag2017 keynote climate science 2017 



Mission CO2ntrol Billboard Mission CO2ntrol Bus Barnett Lecture at RSS 2016



ACS 2014 Pitman Medal 2014 DeGroot Prize 2014




Short course: Spatio-Temporal Statistics with R, presented by Noel Cressie and Andrew Zammit-Mangion (UOW Sydney Campus, NSW)

2019 Statistical Science Lecture, "A Tale of Two Parasites: statistical science to support disease control programmes in Africa" – Distinguished Professor Peter Diggle (Lancaster University and Health Data Research, UK)

Invited Session: Monte Carlo Methods in Environmental Applications, featuring presentations from CEI members Noel Cressie, Michael Bertolacci, and Laura Cartwright (MCM2019, UTS Business School, NSW).



Short course: Spatio-Temporal Statistics with R, presented by Andrew Zammit-Mangion (ACEMS, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, QLD)

2018 Statistical Science Lecture, "Surfing Gravitational Waves: Black holes and Bayesian nonparametrics" – Renate Meyer (University of Auckland, New Zealand)



Short course: Spatio-Temporal Modelling with R, presented by Andrew Zammit-Mangion (AIMS, Townsville, QLD)



Short course: Spatio-Temporal Statistical Modelling, presented by Noel Cressie and Andrew Zammit-Mangion (UOW Sydney Campus, NSW)



Short course: Spatio-Temporal Statistical Modelling, presented by Peter J. Diggle (Lancaster University, UK) and Noel A. Cressie (NIASRA, UOW)


Previous Personnel

Bohai Zhang – Research Fellow, 2015 – 2018 

Andrew Zammit-Mangion – Statistical Computing Scientist (Senior Research Fellow), 2014 – 2016

Alexandra (Sandy) Burden – Research Fellow, 2014 – 2017


Past Grants

Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2017 – 2018

Australian Research Council Discovery Project, 2015 – 2018

Esri Collaborative Agreement, 2015 – 2017

UOW Global Challenges Travel Grant, 2015

NASA, JPL Distinguished Visiting Scientist, 2013 – 2017

CSIRO (Flagship Project), 2013 – 2014

National Science Foundation/US Bureau of the Census Research Network: University of Missouri Node, 2011 – 2019

NASA OCO-2 Science Team, 2011 – 2018

Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI)/Geoscience Australia, 2018


Visitors to CEI

Rune Christiansen – Denmark, 2019

Daniel Simpson – Canada, 2019

Lassi Roininen and Marko Laine – Finland, 2019

Ann Stavert – Melbourne, 2018, 2019

Linda Tan – Singapore, 2018

Christopher Wikle – USA, 2017, 2018

David Nott – Singapore, 2017

Alfred Stein – Netherlands, 2017

Hsin-Cheng Huang – Taiwan, 2016, 2018

Enki Yoo – USA, 2016

Cecile Hardouin – France, 2016


Last reviewed: 25 May, 2020