Andrew Zammit Mangion

ARC DECRA Fellow and Senior Lecturer
Centre for Environmental Informatics, NIASRA
School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics
University of Wollongong, Australia

Telephone 02 4221 5112
Fax 02 4221 4998
Email azm {at}
Curriculum Vitae Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

My research interests lie in spatial and spatio-temporal modelling and the tools that enable it. In previous work, I have focused on variational Bayesian methods for approximate inference of spatio-temporal log-Gaussian Cox process models. These methods were successfully applied in conflict modelling and, in more recent research, I am working on approximate message passing algorithms in this context. In other related previous work, I have used well-established approximations to spatio-temporal multivariate processes to assess the Antarctic contribution to sea-level rise. For project details please see here. The project involved fusing multiple data products (from diverse satellites and research groups) through the use of a large-scale spatio-temporal model. Work here involved the use of the message-passing interface on a high-performance computer, parallel Gibbs sampling methods, sparse-matrix methodologies and has resulted in over five publications to date (for the latest publication see here).

My recent work at NIASRA has focused on multivariate spatial modelling and atmospheric trace-gas inversion. I have taken particular interest in this area since it forces me to move beyong the usual 'Gaussian' spatial models, it is inter-disciplinary, and requires an eye for careful computation. In a similar vein to my previous work on Antarctica, the work has extremely important implications, allowing one to quantify where the biggest flux sources and sinks are simply from observations of gas concentrations. Lately, I have also taken on reproducibility and software contribution to the open-source community more actively and have written a number of reproducible packages intended solely to reproduce the results in recent papers (see here and here) as well some intended for use by the general scientific community (see here and here).



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Last reviewed: 31 August, 2018