Matt Moores

Matt Moores

Centre for Environmental Informatics, NIASRA

School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics
University of Wollongong, Australia

Telephone 02 4298 1358
Email mmoores {at}
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Research Interests

My research programme is focused on Bayesian inference and scalable computation for emerging applications in multi-spectral and hyper-spectral imaging. This complements NIASRA’s strength in statistical analysis of satellite remote sensing, while also expanding into exciting new areas of planetary exploration and biomedical imaging. The Mars 2020 rover will be equipped with the SuperCam instrument, which will use Raman, infra-red, and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) to analyse rock and soil samples. These three modes of spectroscopy will provide complementary information, therefore my research aims to combine inference using Bayesian sensor fusion. As the spectral and spatial resolutions of instruments have improved, there has been an increasing need in analytical chemistry to process large volumes of complex data. Raman mapping in 2D and 3D enables nanometrology and imaging of biological processes at the molecular level. I am working on model-based approaches for source separation and quantification in this context. My sequential Monte Carlo (SMC) algorithm is available in the R package serrsBayes.

In previous work, I have developed accelerated algorithms for approximate Bayesian computation (ABC) and pseudo-marginal methods using surrogate models. A recent preprint is available here. I have implemented these algorithms in my R package bayesImageS, available on CRAN. I give a brief introduction to this research in this YouTube video, where I demonstrate image segmentation for satellite remote sensing and cone-beam computed tomography (CT).



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Last reviewed: 27 April, 2020