Seminars and Events 2011






Thursday 24 February, 11.00-11.30, Rm 15.113Klairung Samart, PhD studentAnalysis of Probabilistically Linked Data
Wednesday 9 March, 3.30-4.30, Rm 15.113Dr Hukum Chandra, University of WollongongA Semiparametric Block Bootstrap Approach for Clustered Data
Wednesday 23 March, 3.30-4.30, Rm 15.113Emilio L. Escobar, University of SouthamptonJackknife variance estimation for functions of Horvitz-Thompson estimators under unequal probability sampling without replacement
Wednesday 23 March, 3.30-4.30, Rm 15.113Dr Mark Fielding, University of WollongongGaussian processes in hybrid MCMC
Wednesday 20 April, 3.30-4.30, Rm 15.113Dr Chandra Gulati, University of WollongongPairs Trading
Wednesday 27 April, 3.30-4.30, Rm 15.113Dr Stephen Beare, ANALYTECONThe costs of meeting environmental objectives with increasing reliability, A case study of the Lower Goulburn River Floodplain, Victoria, Australia
Wednesday 4 May, 3.30-4.30, Rm 15.113Dr Janette Green, University of WollongongStats-y Snapshots from a Multidisciplinary Research Centre
Wednesday 11 May, 3.30-4.30, Rm 15.113Dr Marijka Batterham, University of WollongongIn search of the perfect diet/treatment for managing body fat - one diet does not fit all
Wednesday 18 May, 3.30-4.30, Rm 15.113Dr Hukum Chandra, University of WollongongSmall Area Prediction Under Transformation
Wednesday 25 May, 3.30-4.30, Rm 15.113Dr Phil Hughes, ORC InternationalMobile phone sampling for the National Visitor Survey
Thursday 2 June, 3.30-4.30, Rm 15.113Dr Nicole Watson, University of MelbourneRe-engaging with survey non-respondents: the BHPS, SOEP and HILDA Survey experience
Wednesday 15 June, 3.30 - 4.30, Rm 15.113Prof. Farzad Safaei, University of WollongongThe challenge of compressive sampling for free viewpoint video
Tuesday 26 July, 2.30-3.30, Rm 15.113Dr James Brown, University of SouthamptonEvaluating the UNFPA Reproductive Health Programs in China: eight years of collaborative experience
Tuesday 9 August, 2.30-3.30, Rm 15.113Dr Gunky Kim, University of WollongongRegression Analysis Using Longitudinally Linked Data
Tuesday 23 August, 2.30-3.30, Rm 15.113Dr Thomas Suesse, University of WollongongEstimation of Population Total based on Linear Models using Social Network Information
Tuesday 13 September, 2.30-3.30, Rm 15.113Dr Simon Diffey, NSW Department of Primary IndustriesA faster and computationally more efficient specification of a REML-(PX)EM algorithm for linear mixed models
Tuesday 20 August, 2.30-3.30, Rm 15.113Prof. John Rayner, University of WollongongTowards a Better Understanding of Correlation
Tuesday 11 October, 2.30-3.30, Rm 15.113Dr Janice Scealy, Australian National UniversityRegression for Compositional Data by Using Distributions Defined on the Hypersphere
Monday 17 October, 3.30-4.30, Rm 15.113A/Prof. Robert Clark, University of WollongongThe Art and Science of Sample Design
Tuesday 25 October, 2.30-3.30, Rm 15.113Dr Olena Kravchuk, University of AdelaideRepeated measures analysis of small-sample satiety trials
Thursday 10 November, 2.30-2.50, Rm 15.113Mohammad-Reza Namazi-Rad, SMARTContextual Effects in Modeling for Small Domain Estimation
Tuesday 15 November, 3.30-4.30, Rm 15.113Tom Hunt, University of WollongongUoW Transport Surveys - the good, the bad and the "very interesting"
Friday 25 November, 2.30-3.30, Rm 15.113Dr Sujit Sahu, University of SouthamptonHigh Resolution Bayesian Space-Time Modelling for Ozone Concentration Levels
 Tuesday 20 December, 3.30-4.30, Rm 15.113 Dr Johan Koskinen, University of Manchester Missing data in social networks: Problems and prospects for model-based inference




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