2011 Fellows Research Meetings




Simon Eckermann (University of Wollongong)
- Presenting evidence and summary measures to best inform societal decisions when comparing multiple strategies

Murray Aitkin (University of Melbourne)
- Bayesian nonparametrics in contingency table and survey analysis

Mark Fielding (University of Wollongong)
- Statistics in GPUs

Timo Schmid (University of Trier)
- Spatial robust small area estimation applied to business data


GOULBURN 16 (JULY 27, 2011)

David Clifford (CMIS)
- The dramatic effect of preferential sampling designs on sampling variance in environmental applications

David Butler (DEEDI)
- On the optimal design of experiments with dependents observations and correlated treatments

Emma Huang (CMIS)
- Selecting subsets of experimental populations to maximize genetic diversity

James Chipperfield (ABS)
- Controlling the risk of disclosure when analyzing microdata


GOULBURN 15 (MARCH 16, 2011)

Goulburn 15 was a special event, A symposium to honour Dr Ken Brewer on the occasion of his 80th Birthday. The event was held at ANU in Canberra, instead of the usual Goulburn location. The meeting recognised the significant contributions to the discipline and profession of statistics in Australia and internationally that Ken has made over a career spanning 60 years. He has developed innovative theory and practical methods in sample design and estimation, time series methods and the foundations of statistics inference. His career includes major appointments at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and the Australian National University. Ken has also made a long term contribution to the Statistical Society of Australia. The symposium was attended by over 50 people.

Alastair Scott (University of Auckland)
- Pseudo-likelihood methods for survey data

Murray Aitkin (University of Melbourne)
- Bridging the gap - Bayesian contributions to surveys sampling inference

Alan Welsh (The Australian National University)
- Behind the elephants

Robert Clark (University of Wollongong)
- Sample Design using Imprecise Design Data


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