2012 Fellows Research Meetings



A/Prof. Yan-Xia Lin (University of Wollongong)
- Data analysis based on noise multiplied data

William Aeberhand (PhD, Unviersity of Geneva)
- Comparison of robust estimators in the negative bi-normal model with an application to falls data

Dr Gunky Kim (University of Wollongong)
- Unbiased Regression Estimation for Multi-Linked Data in the Presence of Correlated Linkage Error and Summary Statistics for Secondary Analysis

Dr James Chipperfield (Australian Bureau of Statistics)
- Disclosure-Protected Regression Coefficients with Linked Mico-Data  


GOULBURN 19 (AUGUST 15, 2012)

James Brown (University of Southampton)
- Towards a Rolling Census Design for England and Wales

Christian Robert (University of Paris-Dauphine)
- Rao-Blackwellisation of sampling schemes

Alan Welsh (The Australian National University)
- Robust Model-based Sampling Designs

Robert Tanton (University of Canberra)
- Statistical testing of community surveys in the Murray Darling Basin  

GOULBURN 18 (MARCH 21, 2012)

Stephen Horn, (FaHCSIA)
- Why performance indexes fail?

Ray Lindsay (Australian Tax Office)
- Sample selection bias - and implications for predictive model building

Ray Chambers (Centre for Statistical and Survey Methodology UoW)
- M-Quantile Regression for Binary Data with Application to Small Area Estimation

Pramod Adhikari (AIHW)
- 2010 Australian National Infant feeding Survey: development, implementation and results 

Last reviewed: 22 August, 2013