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The Design of the Australian Population Survey

Edward Szoldra (Australian Bureau of Statistics)

The ABS is currently implementing a transformation program to ensure that our statistics keep pace with the growing expectations of decision makers, and to deliver the best possible statistical program in more efficient and innovative ways. This involves a major re-design of our statistical collections, methodologies, products and services in order to deliver a more sustainable statistical program that extracts greater value from all available data, to produce modern statistical solutions.

A key aspect of the ABS Transformation is the introduction of the Australian Population Survey (APS), which will consolidate and integrate the existing suite of ABS household surveys (with mostly periodically collected data) into one large scale continuous household survey collection that supports more frequent and richer statistics for our data users. A key feature of the APS is a shift to continuous data collection for key topic areas - with sample spread continuously over time to provide a more flexible and powerful sample structure for measuring change.

This wide-ranging presentation will present the methodological, conceptual and practical issues inherent in the design and conduct of such a continuous survey.

Last reviewed: 10 June, 2016