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Graduate Program in Survey Research Methods

The Centre (CSSM) has teamed up with the Sydney Business School (SBS) to provide a program in Survey Research Methods. The Graduate Program in Survey Research Methods will provide up-to-date and high quality education in survey methodology and research and the foundations for the development of professionals in survey and research. This program will suit a wide variety of careers involving developing, conducting or analysing survey data to provide evidence in social, market, business and health research.

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Professor Ray Chambers's Presidency 

Ray Chambers

Professor Ray Chambers has been elected president of the International Association of Survey Statisticians (IASS). The IASS is the top international professional body for people working in sample surveys and censuses. It has strong membership from academic statisticians and statisticians working in government and industry. It also takes a special interest in raising the profile of survey methods in developing countries. 

Congratulation Ray on this significant achievement.

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UoW Statistics student, Richard White, is off to Harvard 

Richard White a current School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics student, has been accepted into Harvard University's Department of Biostatistics.

This is one of the world's great statistical groups and is located in a major epicentre of medical and public health research in Boston. In addition, Richard will have full funding from a prestigious Knox Fellowship.

Richard is just 19 but is about to complete an Honours in Statistics degree and will then move to the US to take up the fellowship.

Congratulations and best wishes to Richard on his incredible achievement.

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Research Strength Showcase Series - "Statisticians: What are they up to?"

The Research Strength lecture series provides an opportunity to showcase the research conducted within each of UoW's Research Strengths, and introduce the researchers involved to the general campus and community. 

Professor David Steel will present at the second scheduled lecture on Wednesday 8th April, and will discuss a range of issues that the researchers within the Centre for Statistical and Survey Methodology are tackling.

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David Steel

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