The 2019 Statistical Science Lecturer

Peter J Diggle
Distinguished Professor, Lancaster University and Health Data Research UK

Peter Diggle is a Distinguished University Professor of Statistics in the Centre for Health Informatics, Computing and Statistics, a teaching and research group within the Lancaster Medical School at Lancaster University working at the interface of statistics, epidemiology, and health informatics. Peter is also Director of Training at Health Data Research UK, working with academic institutions across the UK to draw up a training strategy that builds on existing best practice to create a programme that will transform the careers of future leaders in data science on a national scale. He holds adjunct positions at the Johns Hopkins University, Yale and Columbia Universities, and he was President of the Royal Statistical Society between July 2014 and December 2016.

Statistical Science Lecture given on 06 November 2019:

A Tale of Two Parasites: statistical science to support disease control programmes in Africa


    2019 lecture: Peter Diggle  


    Peter Diggle, V-C Paul Wellings, Noel Cressie   

Last reviewed: 15 June, 2020