The 2020 Statistical Science Lecturer

Sally Cripps
Professor, University of Sydney, Australia

Sally Cripps is a Professor of Mathematics and Statistics and Director of the ARC Centre in Data Analytics for Resources and Environments (DARE Centre), at the University of Sydney. Sally’s research focus is the development of new and novel probabilistic models which are motivated by the need to solve an applied problem with the potential for impact. She has particular expertise in the use of mixture models for complex phenomena, modelling longitudinal data, nonparametric regression, the spectral analysis of time series, and the construction of transition kernels in MCMC schemes that efficiently explore posterior distributions of interest. Sally is also Chair of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis’ section, Bayesian Education and Research in Practice.

Statistical Science Lecture given on 18 November 2020:

Zen and the Art of Bayesian Geology/Hydrology/Ecology

Sally Cripps 2020 statistical science lecture

    2020 lecture: Sally Cripps

Noel Cressie and Sally Cripps

    Noel Cressie, Sally Cripps

Sally Cripps with UOW student

    Professor Cripps with UOW Students

Last reviewed: 17 December, 2020