Statistics Team

Directors of NIASRA and the Research Centres

Senior Professor David Steel
Director, NIASRA
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Professor Brian Cullis
Director, Centre for Bioinformatics and Biometrics Research

Distinguished Professor Noel Cressie
Director, Centre for Environmental Informatics
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Mr Walter Davis (Senior Research Fellow)
Director, Centre for Sample Survey Methodology

Associate Professor Marijka Batterham
Director, Statistical Consulting Centre
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Academic Staff

Professor Ray Chambers
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Associate Professor Yan-Xia Lin
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Dr Pam Davy (Senior Lecturer)

Dr Carole Birrell (Senior Lecturer)
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Dr Thomas Suesse (Senior Lecturer)
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Dr Alison Smith (Principal Research Fellow)

Dr Pavel Krivitsky (Lecturer)
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Dr Andrew Zammit Mangion (ARC DECRA Fellow and Senior Lecturer)
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Dr Matt Moores (Lecturer)

Chris Lisle (Research Fellow and Deputy Director CBB)

Dr David Butler (Principal Research Fellow)

Professor Olivier Thas (Honorary Professorial Fellow)

Daniel Tolhurst (Associate Research Fellow)

Lauren Borg ( Associate Research Fellow)

Nicole Cocks (Associate Research Fellow)

Dr Pauline O'Shaughnessy (Lecturer)

Dr Ky Mathews (Senior Research Fellow)

Dr Beverley Gogel (Senior Research Fellow)

Jess Meza (Associate Research Fellow)

Jodine O'Connor (Associate Research Fellow)

Michael Hassall (Associate Research Fellow)

Mandy Moore (Associate Research Fellow)

Ramethaa Pirathiban (Associate Research Fellow)

David Hughes (Associate Research Fellow)

Administrative Support Staff

Michele Boatswain (Administrative Assistant)

Karin Karr (Administrative Assistant)

Clint Shumack (Technical Officer)

Honorary Members

Mossamet Nesa (Honorary Research Fellow)

Dr Bohai Zhang (Honorary Research Fellow)

Associate Professor Robert Clark (Honorary Principal Fellow)<
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Dr Margo Barr (Honorary Principal Fellow)

Dr Emi Tanaka (Honorary Fellow)
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Dr Chong You (Honorary Fellow)

Dr Chandra Gulati (Honorary Principal Fellow)

Associate Professor Anne Porter (Honorary Principal Fellow)
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Professor John Rayner (Honorary Professorial Fellow)

Professor Kenneth Russell (Honorary Professorial Fellow)

Dr Mohammad Reza (Honorary Senior Fellow)

Dr Stephen Beare (Honorary Principal Fellow)

Dr David Clifford (Honorary Principal Fellow)

Dr William Gross (Honorary Principal Fellow)

Professor Mark Tranmer (Honorary Professorial Fellow)

Dr James Chipperfield (Honorary Principal Fellow)

Dr Craig McLaren (Honorary Principal Fellow)

Dr Siu-Ming Tam (Honorary Professorial Fellow)

Dr Virginia Wheway (Honorary Principal Fellow)

Current Students

James Dawber
Thesis: Advancements in M-quantile estimation
Supervisors: Ray Chambers and Thomas Suesse

Martin Murphy
Thesis: Non-response in Australian education surveys
Supervisors: David Steel and Carole Birrell

Yue Ma
Thesis: The Noise Multiplicative Method and Statistical Inference Based on Noise Multiplicative Data
Supervisor: Yan-Xia Lin

Helani Kottage
Thesis: Multiple Imputation for for multilevel Categorial Data: Correctly Specifying Imputation Model, Solving perfect Prediction and Post-Imputation BIAS
Supervisors: Carole Birrell and Marijka Batterham

Luke Mazur
Thesis: Computational Methods for the analysis of big data using linear mixed models
Supervisors: Brian Cullis, Emi Tanaka, Thomas Suesse and David Butler

Christopher Lisle
Thesis: Understanding GxE in Radiata Pine Breeding Trials for Environment Specific Selections
Supervisors: Alison Smith, Brian Cullis and Carole Birrell

Carson Drummond
Thesis: Financial Time Series Analysis and the Hilbert-Huang Transform
Supervisors: Pam Davy and Chandra Gulati

Georgina Davies
Masters: Statistical Kernel Principal Components Analysis
Supervisor: Noel Cressie

Completed HDR Students


Loai Mahmoud Alzoubi - Adaptive Inference and Design for Multistage Surveys
Principal Supervisor Robert Clark, Co-Supervisor David Steel

James Chipperfield - Split Questionnaire Designs and Missing Data in Multi-Level Models
Principal Supervisor David Steel, Co-Supervisor Robert Clark


Norhayati Baharun - Improving Students Learning of Statistics: The Impact of Web-based Learning Support on Student Outcomes
Principal Supervisor Anne Porter

Rebecca Hudson - Modelling Secondary Mathematics Teacher¿s Use and Non Use of Technology in Teaching
Principal Supervisor Anne Porter

Wilford Molefe - Sample Design for Small Area Estimation
Principal Supervisor Robert Clark

Mohammad Namazi Rad - What Level Should We Use in Small Area Estimation?
Principal Supervisor David Steel, Co-Supervisor Raymond Chambers

Elizabeth Neale - Food or Nutrients? A Comparison of the Effectiveness and Efficacy of Increased Fish and Long Chain Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Supplement Consumption in the Context of Metabolic Health
Co-Supervisor Marijka Batterham

Deborah Nolan-Clark - Exposing the Position of Dairy Products on Health in the Context of Obesity and Gut Health: Implications for Research and Practice
Co-Supervisor Marijka Batterham

Heni Puspaningrum - Pairs Trading Using Cointegration Approach
Principal Supervisor Yan-Xia Lin

Klairung Samart - Analysis of Probabilistically Linked Data
Principal Supervisor Raymond Chambers, Co-Supervisor David Steel


Ali Hamed Algarni - Comparing Worked Examples and Problem-Solving Methods in Teaching Mathematics to ESL Students at Tertiary Level
Principal Supervisor Anne Porter, Co-Supervisor Carole Birrell

Alexandra Burden - Zone Issues in the Analysis of Small Area Health Data
Principal Supervisor David Steel, Co-Supervisor Anne Porter

Diane Hindmarsh - Small Area Estimation for Health Surveys
Principal Supervisor David Steel, Co-Supervisor Raymond Chambers

Jinda Kongcharoen - Statistical Explorations of Gene Structure and Its Correlation with Gene Expression and Function
Principal Supervisor Yan-Xia Lin

Chaiwat Kosapattarapim - Improving Volatility Forecasting of GARCH Models: Applications to Daily Returns in Emerging Stock Markets
Principal Supervisor Yan-Xia Lin, Co-Supervisor Chandra Gulati

Sarah Neville - Elaborate Distribution Semiparametric Regression via Mean Field Variational Bayes
Co-Supervisor Raymond Chambers


Mohammed Aba Oud - The Dynamics of Oil Prices and Valuation of Oil Derivatives
Co-Supervisor Yan-Xia Lin

Bothaina Bukhatwa - Improving mathematics education in the Middle East: A focus on technology, learning design and professional development
Principal Supervisor Anne Porter

Maria Chan - Nutritional Factors and Clinical Outcomes of Patients with End Stage Kidney Disease (Implications for practice from researching the practice framework)
Co-Supervisor Marijka Batterham

Maman Fathurrohman - Creating and Modifying Mathematical Learning Resources and Learning Designs for use in Developing Countries
Principal Supervisor Anne Porter


John Carmody - Driving with dementia: obstacles and solutions
Co-Supervisor Marijka Batterham

Sayne Mam Dalton - Characterising whole grains in nutrition research and practice
Co-Supervisor Marijka Batterham

Sasiwimon Iwsakul - The Design of Adaptive Clinical Trials
Co-Supervisor Marijka Batterham

Luise Lago - Imputation of Household Survey Data using Mixed Models
Principal Supervisor Robert Clark, Co-Supervisor Raymond Chambers

Payam Mokhtarian Dehkordi - Outlier Robust Bounded Bootstrap Small Area Estimation
Principal Supervisor Raymond Chambers, Co-Supervisor Thomas Suesse


Margo Barr
Thesis: Quality issues in multipurpose ongoing population health surveys
Supervisors: David Steel and Carole Birrell

Sumonkanti Das
Thesis: Robust Inference in Poverty Mapping
Supervisors: Ray Chambers and David Steel

Shen Wang
Thesis: Variational Inference Machines for Semiparametric Regression
Supervisors: Matt Wand and David Steel

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