Research Publications

Statistics Working Paper Series 2009


Working Paper Number Author/s Title
01-09Loai Mohamoud Al-Zou'bi, Robert Graham Clark and David G. SteelAdaptive Inference for Multi-Stage Survey Data
02-09Samworth, R.J. and Wand, M.P.Asymptotics and Optimal Bandwidth Selection for Highest Density Region Estimation
03-09Naumann, U., Luta, G. and Wand, M.PThe curvHDR Method for Gating Flow Cytometry Samples
04-09Ormerod, J.T. and Wand, M.P.Gaussian Variational Approximate Inference for Generalized Linear Mixed Models
05-09Alkadiri, M., Carroll, R.J. and Wand, M.P.Marginal Longitudinal Semiparametric Regression via Penalized Splines
06-09Hall, P., Ormerod, J.T. and Wand, M.P.Theory of Gaussian Variational Approximation for a Generalised Linear Mixed Model
07-09Ormerod, J.T. and Wand, M.P.Explaining Variational Approximations
08-09Chacon, J.E., and Duong, T. and Wand, M.P.Asymptotics for General Multivariate Kernel Density Derivative Estimators
09-09Nikos Tzavidis, Monica Pratesi, Ray ChambersSmall Area Estimation Via M-quantile Geographically Weighted Regression
10-09Nikos Tzavidis, Stefano Marchetti and Ray ChambersRobust Estimation of Small Area Means and Quantiles
11-09Ray Chambers, Hukum Chandra, Nikos TzavidisOn Bias-Robust Mean Squared Error Estimation for Pseudo-Linear Small Area Estimators
12-09Ray Chambers, Nikos Tzavidis, Nicola SalvatiBorrowing strength over space in small area estimation: Comparing parametric, semi-parametric and non-parametric random effects and M-quantile small area models
13-09Dr George SofronovSpatial small area estimation: Comparison of different approaches
14-09Stephen Beare, Ray Chambers, Scott PeakStatistical Modelling of Rainfall Enhancement
15-09Hukum Chandra, Ray Chambers, Nicola SalvatiSmall Area Estimation in Proportions in Business Surveys
16-09R Chambers, H Chandra, N Salvati and N TzavidisOutliner Robust Small Area Estimation
17-09Gunky Kim and Raymond ChambersRegression analysis under incomplete linkage
18-09Ray Chambers, James Chipperfield, Walter Davis, Milorad KovacevicInference Based on Estimating Equations and Probability-Linked Data
19-09Nicola Salvati, Hukum Chandra, M. Giovanna Ranalli and Ray ChambersSmall Area Estimation Using a Nonparametric Model Based Direct Estimator
20-09Gandhi Pawitan, David G. SteelExploring the MAUP from a spatial perspective
21-09Heni Puspaningrum, Yan-Xia Lin, Chandra GulatiFinding the Optimal Pre-Set Boundaries for Pairs Trading Strategy Based on Cointegration Technique
22-09Raed Alzghool, Yan-Xia Lin and Song Xi ChenAsymptotic Quasi-likelihood Based on Kernel Smoothing for Multivariate Heteroskedastic Models with Correlation
23-09Yan-Xia LinVisually Identifying Potential Domains for Change Points in Generalized Bernoulli Processes: an Application to DNA Segmental Analysis
24-09Norhayati Baharun and Anne PorterTeaching Statistics Using a Blend  Approach: Integrating Technology-based Resources
25-09Norhayati Baharun and Anne PorterLearning Designs to Engage and Support Learners
26-09Norhayati Baharun and Anne PorterRemoving the Angst from Statistics
27-09Norhayati Baharun and Anne PorterThe Use of Technology to Support Student Learning
Last reviewed: 25 March, 2013