Research Publications

Statistics Working Paper Series 2010


Working Paper NumberAuthor/sTitle
01-10Carole L. Birrell, David G. Steel and Yan-Xia LinSeasonal Adjustment of an Aggregate Series using Univariate and Multivariate Basic Structural Models
02-10Robert Graham Clark and
Samuel Allingham
Further Simulation Results on Resampling Confidence Intervals for Empirical Varigrams
03-10Robert Clark, Paul Milham, Andrew Thomas, John MorrisonMultinomial Probabilities for Orthophosphate Isotopomers

Hall, P., Pham, T., Wand, M.P. and

 Wang, S.S.J

Asymptotic Normality and Valid Inference for Gaussian Variational Approximation

05-10Wand, M.P., Ormerod, J.T., Padoan, S.A. and Fruhwirth, R.Variational Bayes for Elaborate Distributions
06-10Wang, S.S.J and Wand, M.P.Using Infer.NET for Statistical Analyses
07-10Faes, C., Ormerod, J.T. and Wand, M.P.Variational Bayesian Inference for Parametic and Nonparametric Regression with Missing Data
08-10Chacon, J.E.; Duong, T. and Wand, M.P.Asymptotics for General Multivariate Kernel Density Derivative Estimators.
09-10Y.-X. Lin, V. Baladandauthapani, V. Bonato and K.-A. DoEstimating Shared Copy Number Aberrations for Array CGH Data: the Linear-Median Method
10-10Y -X. Lin, V. Baladandayuthapani,V. Bonato and K.-A. DOSupplementary material for Estimating Copy Numbers for Shared Array CGH Data: the Linear-Median Method
11-10 David Griffiths, Martin Bunder, Chandra Gulati, Takeo OnizawaThe Probability of an Out of Control Signal from Nelson's Supplementary Zig-Zag Test
12-10Carole Birrell, Yan-Xia Lin, David G. SteelParameter estimation and naive bias for a seasonally adjusted aggregate series of different lengths using univariate and multivariate approaches
13-10B.M. Brown, Thomas Suesse and Von Bing YapWilson confidence intervals for the two-sample log-odds-ratio in stratified 2 x 2 contingency tables
14-10Thomas Suesse, Ivy LiuMantel-Haenszel Estimator s of Odds Ratios for Stratified Dependent Binomial Data
15-10Brian Cullis, David Butler, Daryl Mares, Kolumbina Mrva and Hai Yunn LawCombined analysis of 08/09 and 2010 experiments
16-10James O. Chipperfield and David G. SteelMultivariate Random Effect Models with complete and incomplete data
17-10Stephen Beare, Ray Chambers, Scott Peak, Jennifer M RingAccounting for Spatiotemporal Variation of Rainfall Measurements when Evaluating Ground-Based Methods of Weather Modification
18-10Klairung Samart and Ray ChambersFitting Linear Mixed Models Using Linked Data
19-10Hukum Chandra, Nicola Salvati and U.C. SudDisaggregat-level estimates of indebtedness in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India-an application of small area estimation technique
20-10Nicola Salvati, Hukum Chandra and Ray ChambersModel Based Direct Estimation of Small Area Distributions
21-10Hukum Chandra, Nicola Salvati, Ray Chambers and Nikos TzavidisSmall Area Estimation under Spatial Nonstationarity
22-10Gunky Kim and Raymond ChambersRegression analysis for longitudinally linked data
23-10Thomas SuesseMarginalized Curved Exponential Random Graph Models
24-10Sandy Burden, Yamine Probst, David Steel and Linda TapsellThe impact of complex survey design on prevalence estimates of intakes of food groups in the Australian National Children's Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey
 25-10 Bothaina Bukhatowa, Anne Porter and Mark Nelson Emulating the Best Technology in Teaching and Learning Mathematics: Challenges Facing Libyan Higher Education


Last reviewed: 25 March, 2013