Research Publications

Statistics Working Paper Series 2011


Working Paper NumberAuthor/sTitle
01-11Ray Chambers and Hukum ChandraA Semiparameric Block Bootstrap for Clustered Data
02-11Mohammad-Reza Namazi-Rad and David Steel

What Level of Statistical Model Should We Use in Small Domain Estimation? UPDATED VERSION IN 2013 SERIES NO. 01-13

03-11Alison Smith, Brian Cullis and Matthew NelsonDetecting QTL for photoperiod sensitivity in a Brassica napus doubled haploid population using a linear mixed model with correlated marker effects
04-11Thomas Suesse and Ivy LiuModelling Strategies for Repeated Multiple Response Data
05-11Jinda Kongcharoen, Yan-Xia Lin, Rachael Caldwell, Yiren Yang and Ren ZhangThe Analysis of Pattern Change in Intron Sequences
06-11Maman Fathurrohman and Anne PorterModifiable and Shareable Electronic Maps of Mathematical Learning Resources for Use in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Bojonegara Sub District, Indonesia
07-11Bothaina Bukhatowa, Anne Porter and Mark NelsonExploring learning design in tertiary mathematics
08-11Bothaina Bukhatowa, Anne Porter and Mark NelsonExperience with Change Evaluations suggests the need for better learning designs: one possibility for mathematics
09-11Ray ChambersWhich Sample Survey Strategy? A Review of Three Different Approaches
10-11Gunky Kim and Ray ChambersRegression Analysis under Probabilistic Multi-Linkage
11-11John Best and John RaynerNonparametric Test for Latin Squares
12-11David Allingham and John RaynerA Nonparametric Two-Sample Wald Test of Equality of Variances
13-11Chaiwat Kosapattarapim, Yan-Xia Lin and Michael McCraeEvaluating the Volatility Forecasting Performance of Best Fitting GARCH Models in Emerging Asian Stock Markets
 14-11 Yan-Xia Lin The Algorithm of Equal Acceptance Region for Detecting Copy Number Alterations: Applications to Next-Generation Sequencing Data
15-11Heni Puspaningrum, Yan-Xia Lin and Chandra GulatiUnit Root Tests for ESTAR Models
16-11M.K. Broadhurst, P.A. Butcher, K.C. Hall, B.R. Cullis and S.P. McGrathResilience of inshore, juvenile snapper Pagrus auratus to angling and release


Last reviewed: 25 March, 2013