Research Publications

Statistics Working Paper Series 2012


Working Paper NumberAuthor/sTitle
01-12Mark Tranmer, David Steel and William J BrowneMultiple Membership Models for Social Networks and Group Dependencies
02-12David SteelPotential Gains from Sample Design Using Unit Level Cost Information
03-12Gunky Kim and Raymond ChambersUnbiased Regression Estimation for Multi-Linked Data in the Presence of Correlated Linkage Error
04-12David Allingham and John.C.W.RaynerTesting Equality of Variances for Multiple Univariate Normal Populations
05-12John. C.W. Rayner and D.J. BestContinuous Analogues of Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel Statistics
 06-12Robert Graham Clark Statistical Learning In Sample Design
 07-12Margo L Barr, Jason J van Ritten, David G Steel and Sarah V ThackwayInclusion of mobile phone numbers into an ongoing population health survey in Australia using an overlapping dual frame design: description of methods, call outcomes and acceptance by staff and respondents
 08-12Luise P. Lago and Robert G. ClarkImputtaion of Household Survey Data using Linear Mixed Models
 09-12 Margo L Barr, Anthony Dillon, Mazen Kassis and David G Steel Can telephone surveys for the whole population provide reliable information on the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians? 
 10-12Robert Clark and Robert TempletonSampling the Maori Population using Proxy Screening, the Electoral Roll and Disproportionate Sampling in the New Zealand Health Survey
 11-12Thomas Suesse and Ray ChambersUsing Social Network Information for Survey Estimation
 12-12Ray Chambers, Nicola Salvati and Nikos TzavidisM-Quantile Regression for Binary Data with Application to Small Area Estimation
 13-12Paul A. Butcher, Matt K. Broadhurst, Karina C. Hall, Brian R. Cullis, Shane R. RaidalAssessing barotrauma among angled snapper (Pagrus auratus) and the utility of release methods
 14-12Maman Fathurrohman and Anne PorterAddressing the Needs of a Developing Nation: Electronic Maps of Mathematical Learning Resources Accessible Via the Internet
 15-12Maman Fathurrohman, Anne Porter and Annette L. WorthyLearning Design Map (LDMap) for Mathematics Teachers in Developing Countries and the Benefit of Its Use for Curriculum Review
 16-12Alision Smith, David G. Butler, Colin R. Cavanagh and Brian R. CullisMulti-phase variety trials using both composite and individual replicate samples: A model-based design approach





Last reviewed: 25 March, 2013