Statistical Consulting Centre


The Statistical Consulting Centre in the National Institute of Applied Statistics Research Australia, School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics provides postgraduate students and staff members of the University of Wollongong with statistical consulting assistance for research. The service aims to improve the statistical content of research carried out by members of the University. Researchers from all disciplines may use the Centre. Priority is currently given to staff members and postgraduate students undertaking research for Doctor of Philosophy or Masters' degrees.


Courses are generally run in O-Week and the mid-year break, please contact for further information on course dates. 

How we can help

It is important that University researchers consult the Centre at the beginning of their investigation so that their research will include clear research hypotheses and well-designed data collection processes.

The assistance provided by the Statistical Consulting Centre includes advice on:

  • The planning of experiments,
  • Sample size calculations,
  • Designing questionnaires,
  • Data collection,
  • Data entry and management,
  • Statistical analyses,
  • The presentation and publication of results,
  • Statistical requirements for grant applications.

Planning the data gathering process is crucial to research, and consulting with the Statistical Consulting Centre at this stage will reap the most reward.

Currently, the Statistical Consulting Centre provides each University researcher with a free initial consultation. Up to ten hours per calendar year of consulting time maybe provided without charge if research funding is not available. When researchers require more consulting time or receive external funding, a service charge is necessary. 

The Statistical Consulting Centre can arrange for later data entry and statistical analyses for those who wish to pay for these services rather than do the work themselves.


For an appointment

Please complete an initial appointment application form and submit to EIS Research.


Admin Support

EIS Research Office
Phone: +61 2 4221 4890
Location: Building 6 Room 102


Professor Marijka Batterham
Phone:  +61 2 4221 8190
Location: Building 39C Room 269

Last reviewed: 24 February, 2021