Working Papers

Statistics working paper series 2013

Working Paper Number Author/s Title
01-13 Mohammad-Reza Namazi-Rad and David Steel What Level of Statistical Model Should We Use in Small Domain Estimation?
02-13 Simon Diffey, Alan Welsh, and Alison Smith A faster and computational more efficent REML (PX)EM algorithm for linear mixed models
03-13 Robert Graham Clark Incorporating Household Type in Mixed Logistic Models for People in Households
04-13 Noel Cressie Environmental Informatics: Uncertainty Quantification in the Environmental Sciences
05-13 Lili Zhuang, Noel Cressie, Laura Pomeroy, and Daniel Janies Multi-species SIR Models for a Dynamical Bayesian Perspective
06-13 N Cressie, M Morara, B. Buxton, N. McMillan, W. Strauss, and N. Wilson A Bayesian multivariate analysis of children's exposure to pesticides
07-13 Aritra Sengupta and Noel Cressie Hierarchical Statistical Modeling of Big Spatial Datasets Using the Exponential Family of Distributions
08-13 Aaron T. Porter, Scott H. Holan, Christopher K. Wikle, and Noel Cressie Spatial Fay-Herriot Models for Small Area Estimation with Functional Covariates
09-13 Jonathan R. Bradley, Noel Cressie, and Tao Shi Local Spatial-Predictor Selection
10-13 Aritra Sengupta, Noel Cressie, Richard Frey, and Brian H. Kahn Statistical Modeling of MODIS Cloud Data Using the Spatial Random Effects Model
11-13 David G. Steel and Robert Graham Clark Potential Gains From Using Unit Level Cost Information In A Model-Assisted Framework
12-13 D.J. Best and J.C.W Rayner Bootstrap P-Values for Cochran's Q, Stuart and Bowker Tests
13-13 Ray Chambers, Emanuela Dreassi, and Nicola Salvati Disease Mapping via Negative Binomial M-quantile Regression
14-13 Nikos Tzavidis, M Giovanna Ranalli, Nicola Salvati, Emanuela Dreassi, and Ray Chambers Poisson M-quantile Regression for Small Area Estimation
15-13 Sandy Burden and David Steel Empirical Zoning Distributions for Small Area Health Data
16-13 Gunky Kim and Raymond Chambers Bias Reduction for Correlated Linkage Error
17-13 Gunky Kim and Raymond Chambers Maximum Likelihood Logistic Regression with Auxiliary Information for Probabilistically Linked Data
18-13 David Clifford, Noel Cressie, Jacqueline R. England, Stephen H. Roxburgh, and Keryn I. Paul Correction factors for unbiased, efficient estimation and prediction of biomass from log-log allometric models
19-13 Wilford B. Molefe and Robert Graham Clark Model-Assisted Optimal Allocation for Planned  Domains Using Composite Estimation
20-13 Sandy Burden and David Steel Constraint Choice for Spatial Microsimulation
21-13 Jonathan R. Bradley, Noel Cressie, and Tao Shi Comparing and Selecting Spatial Predictors Using Local Criteria


Last reviewed: 7 September, 2015