Working Papers

Statistics working paper series 2014

Working Paper Number Author/s Title
01-14 Margo L. Barr, Raymond A. Ferguson, Phil J. Hughes, and David G. Steel Inclusion of mobile telephone numbers into an ongoing population health survey in New South Wales, Australia using an overlapping dual-frame design: final weighting strategy
02-14 Hai Nguyen, Matthias Katzfuss, Noel Cressie, and Amy Braverman Spatio-Temporal Data Fusion for Very Large Remote Sensing Datasets
03-14 Noel Cressie and Sandy Burden Evaluation of Diagnostics for Hierarchical Spatial Statistical Models
04-14 D. Clifford, D. Pagendam, J. Baldock, N. Cressie, R. Farquharson, M. Farrell, L. Macdonald, and L. Murray Re-thinking soil carbon modelling: A stochastic approach to quantify uncertainties
05-14 T. Stough, A. Braverman, N. Cressie, E. Kang, A.M. Michalak, H. Nguyen, and K. Sahr Visualizing massive spatial datasets using multi-resolution global grids
06-14 J.C.W. Rayner, D.J. Best, and O. Thas Extended analysis of at least partially ordered mulit-factor Anova
07-14 D.J. Best and J.C.W. Rayner Smooth tests of fit for more flexible alternatives to the exponential and Poisson: the Lindley and Poisson-Lindley distributions
08-14 Wilford B. Molefe and Robert Graham Clark Model-Assisted Optimal Allocation For Planned Domains Using Composite Estimation
09-14 Lili Zhuang and Noel Cressie Bayesian Hierarchical Statistical SIRS Models
10-14 Heni Puspaningrum, Yan-Xia Lin, and Chandra Gulati Cointegration with a Time Trend and Pairs Trading Strategy: Empirical Study on the S&P 500 Future and Spot Index Prices
11-14 Yan-Xia Lin Density Approximant Based on Noise Multiplied Data
12-14 Stephen Beare Passing the Repeal of the Carbon Tax Back to Wholesale Electricity Prices
13-14 Thomas Suesse and Ray Chambers Using Social Network Information for Survey Estimation
14-14 Thomas Suesse and Ivy Liu Mantel-Haenszel Estimators of a Common Local Odds Ratio for Multiple Response Data
15-14 Yan-Xia Lin and Mark James Fielding Density Approximant Based on Noise multiplied Data: MarkDensity 10.R and its Applications
16-14 Jonathan R. Bradley, Noel Cressie, and Tao Shi A Comparison of Spatial Predictors when Datasets Could be Very Large
17-14 Aritra Sengupta, Noel Cressie, Brian H. Kahn, and Richard Frey Predictive Inference for Big, Spatial, Non-Gaussian Data: MODIS Cloud Data and its Change-of-Support
18-14 Robert Graham Clark Model-Assisted Sample Design of a First Phase Survey with Two Second-Phase Surveys
Last reviewed: 30 May, 2017