Working Papers



Statistics working paper series 2016

Working Paper Number Author/s Title
01-16 Mohammad-Reza Namazi-Rad, Robert Tanton, David Steel, Payam Mokhtarian, Sumonkanti Das An Unconstrained Statistical Matching Algorithm for Combing Individual and Household Level Geo-Specific Census and Survey Data
02-16 Margo L Barr, Robert Clark and David G Steel Examining associations in cross-sectional studies
03-16 Amy Braverman, Snigdhansu Chatterjee, Megan Heyman, and Noel Cressie Probabilistic Evaluation of Competing Climate Models
04-16 N. Cressie, R. Wang, M. Smyth, and C. E. Miller Statistical Bias and Variance for the Regularized-inverse Problem: Application to Space-based Atmospheric CO2 Retrievals
05-16 D. J. Best and J. C. W. Rayner Applications of Madansky’s Q
06-16 Andrew Zammit-Mangion, Noel Cressie, and Anita L. Ganesan Non-Gaussian Bivariate Modelling with Application to Atmospheric Trace-gas Inversion
07-16 Cécile Hardouin and Noel Cressie Two-Scale Spatial Models for Binary Data
08-16 Bohai Zhang, Noel Cressie, and Debra Wunch Statistical Properties of Atmospheric Greenhouse Gas Measurements: Looking Down from Space and Looking Up from the Ground
09-16 Noel Cressie, Sandy Burden, Clint Shumack, Andrew Zammit-Mangion, and Bohai Zhang Environmental Informatics
10-16 Brian Cullis, Emi Tanaka, Lauren Borg and Alison Smith Linkage Map Construction for the Cranbrook x Halberd Mapping Population
11-16 Brian Cullis and Alison Smith The Analysis of QTL and QTL x Treatment Experiments using Spatial Models for Marker Effects
12-16 Alison Smith, Emi Tanaka, Brian Cullis and Robin Thompson Linear Mixed Models for Genomic Selection
13-16 Hai Nguyen, Noel Cressie, and Amy Braverman Multivariate Spatial Data Fusion for Very Large Remote Sensing Datasets
14-16 Georgina Davies and Noel Cressie Analysis of Variability of Tropical Pacific Sea Surface Temperatures
15-16 Yuliya Marchetti, Hai Nguyen, Amy Braverman, and Noel Cressie Spatial Data Compression via Adaptive Dispersion Clustering
16-16 Noel Cressie, Rui Wang, and Ben Maloney The Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) Retrieval, Revisited
Last reviewed: 24 February, 2017