Working Papers

Statistics Working Paper Series 2018

Working Paper Number Author/s Title
01-18 Andrew Zammit-Mangion, Noel Cressie, and Clint Shumack On Statistical Approaches to Generate Level 3 Products from Remote Sensing Retrievals
02-18 Andrew Zammit-Mangion and Jonathan Rougier A Sparse Linear Algebra Algorithm for Fast Computation of Prediction Variances with Gaussian Markov Random Fields
03-18 D.J. Best and J.C.W. Rayner Quade's test and the analysis of ordinal categorical data
04-18 David G Butler and Brian R Cullis Optimal Design under the Linear Mixed Model
05-18 Alison Smith and Brian Cullis Design Tableau: An Aid to Specifying the Linear Mixed Model for a Comparative Experiment
06-18 Alison B. Smith and Brian R. Cullis Plant Breeding Selection Tools Built on Factor Analytic Mixed Models for Multi-Environment Trial Data
07-18 David Hughes
Supervised by Professor Brian Cullis and Lauren Borg
A Method of QTL Analysis Utilising Spatial Models for Marker Effects
08-18 Nicole. A. Cocks, Timothy. J. March, Thomas. B. Biddulph, Alison. B. Smith, and Brian. R. Cullis A Statistical Framework for the Provision of Grower and Breeder Information on the Frost Susceptibility of Wheat in Australia
09-18 David Butler, Brian Cullis, Arthur Gilmour and Robin Thompson Package ‘asreml’
10-18 Carole L. Birrell, David G. Steel, Marijka J. Batterham and Ankur Arya How to use Replicate Weights in Health Survey Analysis using the National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey as an Example
11-18 Kevin W. Bowman, Noel Cressie, Xin Qu, and Alex Hall A Hierarchical Statistical Framework for Emergent Constraints: Application to Snow-Albedo Feedback
12-18 D.J. Best and J.C.W. Rayner A Note on Bowker’s Symmetry Statistic, its Components and Bootstrap P-Values
13-18 Noel Cressie and Cécile Hardouin A Diagonally Weighted Matrix Norm between Two Covariance Matrices
Last reviewed: 1 November, 2018